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Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil Sayonara, returns

Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil Sayonara, returns

In 2010 Sea Shepherds Ady Gil slams into the Shonan Maru No. 2 and blame the Japanese.  Sea Shepherd continues to hurl bottles of butyric acid on the decks of the whaling ships.  Sea Shepherd has employed a laser device (Photonic Disruptor).   The intended use of this device by the Sea Shepherd was to temporally blind the Japanese whalers when harpooning the whales to save them from being captured. 

However the Ady Gil's crew used the laser device on a Japanese ship not engaged in whaling or harpooning.  Could it be when Sea Shepherd used the laser device on the Japanese ship it caused the pilot to be blinded thus causing the ship to ram into the Ady Gil?  Making Sea Shepherd responsible for the damage done to the Ady Gil.  However looking at the video it is clear the Ady Gil purposely accelerated towards the Japanese ship. 

The Ady Gil cost around $1.5 million owing $500,000 to the owner Peter Bethune.  Spoil children do not properly care for items given to them they do not have to work for.  Thus their reckless behavior with the Ady Gil.  About two years ago the Canadians confiscated their ship and they just left it there and purchased a new ship with money donated from suckers around the globe.

Photographs and videos courtesy of The Institute of Cetacean Research.
Artist rendering courtesy of Tony, aka: PropagandaBuster, aka: Commodore Tony  
Girly men courtesy of improper rearing.
Puppet:  both the same, puppeteer: Tony

Sea Shepherd felt justified in ramming the Japanese ships in past whaling season, now complain of a ramming they are accusing the Japanese of doing. 

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