Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
Cove Guardians or Cove Cowards

In March of 2011 Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians were run out of Taiji, Japan by Japanese citizens.  These “Guardians” who claim to offer their lives to save a dolphin were videoed shivering in fear when confronted by Japanese citizens.  These Cove Guardians drove out of town in the safety of a police escort.  The very police they accuse of doing nothing. 

The Cove Guardians have announced they will return to Taiji, Japan in September, 2012 with a new campaign titled, “Operation Infinite Patience.”  In their announcement they state,

“While this is a relatively easy campaign to join, be aware that it can be emotionally difficult and financially expensive.”

“…financially expensive..”  Proving it is a group made up of trust-fund babies with nothing better to do than to bother hard working honest middle class people trying to provide for their families.

While their fearful leader, fugitive, and bail jumper Paul Watson is in hiding, noticeably the Cove Guardians sub-leader Scott West has not been heard from.  Spreading a rumor started right here on this blog:  Could Mr. West be negotiating with a South American junta to purchase asylum for Paul Watson (who is on INTERPOL’s wanted list)? 

Operation Infinite Patience
Can we expect the brave Cove Guardians to shiver in fear and run out of Taiji again?

Link to video about Cove Guardians running out of Taiji, Japan in fear:

Sea Shepherd’s website announcing “Operation Infinite Patience:”

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