Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sea Shepherd insulting Australians

Sea Shepherd insulting Australians

The people of Australia besides “Waltzing with Matilda” have supported Sea Shepherd more than any other nation.  The government of Australia continually assails the Japanese on Sea Shepherd’s behalf for whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd is permitted to use Australian ports to launch their illegal attacks upon Japanese mariners.  Australia allows Sea Shepherd to violate their laws in their pursuit to endanger Japanese mariners.

With this support Sea Shepherd recently criticize the Australian government and by extension the Australian people.  The Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal “ruled that the conservation group was not eligible for deductible gift recipient status because whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife could not be classified as ‘animals without owners.’”

Sea Shepherd is upset claiming being denied tax-exempt status means donations by Australians to them will be minimal.  In other words Australians will donate only if they get to deduct their donations on their taxes.  Basically claiming Australians are shallow and only donate if they get something in return.  Very insulting to the people who support Sea Shepherd’s illegal activities.     

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Anonymous said...

Whut? I agree, we should remove tax deductability of all charitable donations in Australia because the availability of tax deductions for charitable gifts insults the donor. You are a genius and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.