Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fugitive Paul Watson on the run news

Fugitive Paul Watson on the run news

Paul Watson the fugitive leader of Sea Shepherd is on the run after jumping bail in Germany.  Paul Watson is now a wanted criminal on three continents.  There is an extradition request filed by Costa Rica.  The Japanese have a warrant out for his arrest.  Plus he jumped bail in Germany leaving German authorities over $300,000 donated by his minions for his bail. 

In this news video for the purpose of this video starting and spreading a rumor about the travel habits of international fugitive on Interpol’s wanted list Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson.  Rumor being to avoid capture the fugitive Watson is traveling at night.  The rumor, story, and video are all unsubstantiated.   

If you see this fugitive make no attempt to apprehend, notify local authorities.

W. I. W. = Where is Watson?
W. W. = Watson Wanted

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