Monday, August 6, 2012

Is the fugitive Paul Watson in the
South American nation of Ecuador?

Rumor has it Paul Watson who jumped bail in Germany, and wanted on three continents is hiding in the South American nation of Ecuador. 

About the size of the USA state of Colorado.
Population around 14 million and perhaps one international bail jumping fugitive.     

From the Canadian government (Watson is Canadian) part of a travel report for Ecuador:
“Kidnapping for ransom and express kidnappings, often in connection with carjackings, are of particular concern in Guayaquil. Express kidnappings involve the brief detention of an individual, who is released only after being forced to withdraw funds from an ABM or after arranging for family to pay a ransom. Canadians should exercise caution when using taxis, as taxi drivers have been reportredly conducting express kidnappings. Travellers should always use reputable radio taxi companies.”

Link to full report:

WikiLeaks Julian Assange also sought asylum in Ecuador:

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