Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TSA abuse of 95 year old terminally ill grandmother, blame the U.S. Cong...

Recently the bureaucrats at the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) required a terminally ill 95 wheel chair bound grandmother to remove her adult diaper. Afterwards the TSA said they did not require the lady to remove her adult diaper. Correct, they just told her, if she refused to remove the diaper, they would not permit her to fly.

A few months ago they also felt-up a young female child. The TSA responds by saying they are following policies, procedures, and protocols. Huh? At the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1946 the Nazis on trial made the same claim.

We can thank the liberals in the USA for forcing a prohibition against profiling. How come Israel living in a sea of hostility has not had any attempted bombings of their airlines while not violating any children or grandmothers? Answer: They profile.

Perhaps the TES is profiling: they are profiling children and grandparents for groping.

True the TSA are just following their anti-social and perverted “protocols.” The ones to hold responsible for this invasion of common sense are our elected representatives in the United States Congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Telephone call placed to U.S. Representative Republican Jeb Hensarling Washington’s office. Person answered could not answer if Representative Hensarling was involved in any legislative initiative to investigate and / or stop the TSA from their continued perversion. Nor could the person advise for the Representative planned any town hall meetings in his 5th Congressional District in Texas.

“Felt up and feel safe.” Is that the new motto of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)? People who fly in the USA are being subject to having their bodies violated before boarding to fly. Either get your body invaded by see-through clothing or felt up by the TSA. All this in the name of security.

On November 17, 2010, an airline pilot called into the Rush Limbaugh show complaining about this abusive behavior at USA airports. The pilot also complained about pilots having to be felt up or photographed through their clothing. Rush Limbaugh then asked (paraphrasing): “So after you go through the pat down and security, you can then get on the plane and crash it into the ground, right?” Pilot’s answer: yes.

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