Monday, June 20, 2011

U.S. Secretary of Defense urges NATO to stop freeloading

Mr. Robert Gates United States Secretary of Defense urges NATO members to start carrying their own weight in reference to military preparedness and spending, plus to start decreasing their reliance on the United States military. It is about time the freeloading stops (Tony not Gates).

Noted in an article from the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and the Associated Press, NATO’s 28 members unanimously backed the decision to go to war in Libya, yet fewer than half are engaged in the war. Of that less than a third are conducting airstrikes. Can you see Moammar Gadhafi’s smile?

At about the 11 week mark of NATO’s involvement many of the allies are beginning to run short of miunti9ons, requiring once again for the U.S. taxpayers to make up the difference. The continued European freeloading.

During the last two years NATO’s European members shrunk their military spending by $45 billion. The USA defense budget is near $700 billion while the combined military spending by 26 European NATO members are around $220 billion

We in the USA do not mind helping our allies, but it is another story when having to help freeloading allies.

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