Wednesday, June 1, 2011

President Obama or President O'Bama?

Upon President Obama’s election it was heralded as an historic event for being the nation’s first black president. The news media and entertainment industry totally ignored President Obama being half black and half white. President Obama has in common with every past American president that he and all the rest were born of a white woman. The media ignored his white grandmother, choosing to dwell on his black half.

President Obama in his 2010 census form classified himself as African-American, and that closes any debate as he has every right to classify himself in accordance with his beliefs. The curiosity is recently President Obama traveled to Ireland to get in touch with his Irish roots? Huh? Is Ireland in Africa or Europe? Answer: Europe. Was this an effort to gain support among those American of Irish ancestry for their votes?

Examining President Obama’s last name it does sound and read Irish if written “O’Bama” instead of “Obama.” All Irish eyes are smiling on our President O’Bama.

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