Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands seeking a Viking's welcome

NOTE: As of 14 June, it is reported Sea Shepherd groupies have been identified in the Faroe Islands causing the Danish police to send police vans in pursuit of the girly-men invaders.

During the past Japanese whaling season in the Southern Ocean, the hunt was called off a month earlier than planned. Sea Shepherd claimed victory for shutting down the Japanese whalers. Captain Kangaroo Admiral Beauregard Watson claimed he was seventy-five percent (75%) sure he permanently shut down whaling in the Southern Ocean’s so-called whale sanctuary.

While the Captain / Admiral may be partially correct in that Sea Shepherd did contribute to ending the whale hunt a month early, the motivation behind the Japanese decision was in part had to do with money. Up to the point of calling off the hunt, Sea Shepherd / Animal Planet / Whale Wars did not get any dramatic video for their Whale Wars season. Without dramatic video, viewership declines, and so does the show and monies paid to Beauregard and She Shepherd.

The girly-men now in need of dramatic video for Whale Wars had to look for another location to get the desired footage. That is where the Faroe Islands come in. Back in 1985 the last time the cowards of She Shepherd went to the Faroe Islands they got more than a Viking’s welcome and more than their feelings hurt.

Sea Shepherd does not approve of the Faroe Islands whale harvesting and claim they are only trying to save the whales being harvested. Where was this concern these pas twenty-six years during She Shepherds noticeable absence from the Faroe Islands? How come this new found concern? The hunts in the Faroe Islands of long-finned pilot whales are called “grindadrap,” could it be after Sea Shepherd’s visit they be renamed “grindagirlyman?”

Two vessels from the Royal Dutch Navy, the HDMS Vaedderan F359 and the HDMS Triton F358, patrol the Faroe Island waters, sure to be a welcoming sight for the rust-bucket garbage scows of She Shepherd.

Best part is the people of the Faroe Islands are looking forward to Sea Shepherd’s return the summer of 2011 and more than happy to give them a Viking’s welcome and all the dramatic video footage they need for another successful season of Whale Wars, Faroe Islands style.

Link to article about Sea Shepherd targeting the Faroe Islands:

NOTE: video used showing She Shepherd deliberately ramming a Japanese vessel courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.


ingloriousoz said...

Dear "Propaganda Buster",

Please cease to exist. Please head to the nearest zoo and do the world a favor, and jump into the bear or lion exhibit. The world will be a better place without a 75 year old man who posts things like "girly man" and "vikings welcome" to get attention and get his moronic point across.

You are as eloquent as an uneducated drunk/high 7 year old reasoning with his parents about buying him the latest toy.

Newsflash you narrow minded idiot: YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER. So stop acting like you are some sort of tough guy because you are able to sit at a desk posting videos and pretending like you are intimidating people.

You are an embarrassment to your nation and an even bigger embarrassment to grown adults.

Again, I beg of you. Kill yourself before you kill anymore braincells of unsuspecting Japanese and Faroese Island idiots who happen to stumble across your awful page posting "facts".

If you cannot afford a gun or a ticket to the zoo, please let me know and I will personally donate the funds to ensure you remove yourself from this planet once and for all.


-Can't wait to meet you in hell

Siggybobby said...

Dear "ingloriousoz",

Propaganda Buster is right. Why have sea Sheperd suddenly got interested in the Faroe Islands again? They need the money they get for Whale Wars of course! ... Season 5's coming up, right?

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