Sunday, June 12, 2011

Commie-led China behaving belligerently in the South China Sea, no surpr...

Once again the commies in China are flexing their belligerent muscle because that is what commies do. Commies are not to be trusted, they are belligerent, hostile, and should always be challenged when behaving as commies.

There are two group of islands in the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands close to Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, not China. Also the Paracel Islands closer to Vietnam (another commie land). The two group of islands are claimed simultaneously by Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and commie-led China.

China being the bully in the area recently asserted itself militarily in the area causing demonstrations in Vietnam (have to love it, commie vs. commie), and concern in the Philippines. The commies in China claim the islands belong to them because they have old maps drawn up by some past Chinese dynasties showing the islands part of China.

Really? There are four-hundred year old maps showing the Western Hemisphere (North and South America) belonging to Spain. So should the USA and the assorted independent nations of the Western Hemisphere forfeit their sovereignty to Spain?

China’s interest in these islands has more to do with oil, gas, and fishing than it does with national integrity. These are the conflicts of the 21st century we can look forward to with the commies in China initiating and or instigating conflicts.

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