Friday, June 10, 2011

Racist critical of Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law, also soon to ...

The front page of The Dallas Morning News article headline read, “Strict Alabama law targets immigrants.” Leading one to believe the law was going after all immigrants both legal and illegal. However reading further into the article one realizes the headline is deceptive keeping in practice with news media standards.

The legislation in Alabama targets those who broke the law to enter the United States, thus illegal immigrants to their title. The article quotes a person with the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying the legislation is “racist.”

Racist? How is that? Actually labeling the legislation “racist” makes the labeler racist because they are in essence saying all illegals come from one race. Truth is people from many races around the world enter the USA illegally becoming illegal immigrants.

The article leads one to believe the race being target is Hispanic or Mexican. That is a race? They are descendants from Spain, and Spain is a European nation, a Caucasian contentment. Basically “Spanish” is not a race.

Another article appearing in the same newspaper on the same day reports a similar law is about to be enacted in a neighboring state: Georgia. As a result many illegal aliens are self-deporting. One was reporting as saying, “I believe the law should be for criminals, not us.” Hello, if you are in the USA illegally then sorry to write you are a criminal and the law does apply to you.

Many good people who are in the USA illegally after breaking the law by entering illegally never break another law and are hard working. The problem with “illegals” arose about six years ago when illegal aliens held massive demonstrations all across the USA waiving Mexican flags. Seeing illegals demanding rights and waiving a foreign flag in the USA made the hairs on the back of the necks of many Americans raise in disgust. Had they waived the American flag instead they would have endeared many Americans.

Too late now, that ship has sailed now laws being passed in many states to address the issue the Federal government refuses to address negating their Constitutional mandate.

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