Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meiji Chocolate from Japan, my story

About a year ago Mr. Ohtani from the Japanese publisher Asukashinsha sent me a few bars of Meiji milk chocolate. They were very delicious.

When I went to Japan in May, 2011, I intended to bring back to the USA a number of those chocolate bar, however I somehow neglected to do so. I posted a video about it and a YouTuber: 7Dante7, sent me a web link where I could order the chocolate. Here is the link:

This video is the unboxing for that chocolate. I normally eat Dove dark chocolate however I enjoy the Meiji milk chocolate. To the good people in Japan, please purchase this chocolate so when I attempt to purchase future bars of this chocolate the company will still be in business.

Those in the USA, visit the website and order a few bars, you might enjoy it.

No I am not paid by Meiji or the website, just enjoy sharing good news and a good product.

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