Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sea Shepherd hollow praise for Japan after the earthquake tsunami

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians were in Northern Japan when the earthquake tsunami hit on 11 March 2011. These fifth columnist then issue reports glowing with praise for the Japanese and the kindness shown to She Shepherd by the Japanese people.

Do not fall for their subterfuge. These Sea Shepherd drones have only one goal and that is to hurt the nation of Japan. They are like the sirens of Greek mythology: beautiful women with beautiful music to draw ships near only to cause the vessels to wreck upon the jaggard rocks. The difference here is, there is nothing beautiful about Sea Shepherd drones.

That Peter Bethune pathetic person was recently in the Faroe Islands, while there enjoying the hospitality of the Faroe Island people, he wrote glowing reports on a social network website. Once he left the islands, the reports exposed his true intentions as they then became negative.

These people can never be trusted as slight of hand and trickery are their methods.

She Shepherd’s Admiral Beauregard Watson’s disgusting poem and other equally disgusting comments left by horrible She Shepherd types and supporters:

More terrible She Shepherd comments – CAUTION: website VERY slow to load:

Just remember this: The nation of Japan is hurting from the earthquake tsunami and there is Sea Shepherd traveling throughout the land to kick the Japanese further while they are down. These Sea Shepherd infidels are exploiting a people with the sole purpose of exacting donations from emotional wrecks around the world. These emotional wrecks that need a cause to latch onto to attain a feeling of self-worth are being exploited by these cultural imperialist, eco terrorist.

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