Friday, June 3, 2011

Sea Shepherd hallucinates being followed by Japan's National Police

Link to She Shepherd's hallucinations and video about being followed:

Link to more photos and video concerning the trip to Japan:

Scot West (Cove Guardian court jester)"in Japan looking for a new area to harass the Japanese who are in the midst of recovering from the earthquake / tsunami, wrote on Sea Shepherd's website (see above link) fantasizing being followed by Japan's National Security Police (Kouan Keisatsu or Kougou Keisatsu). This is exposes the lunacy of that claim.

This event he claims happened to him while in Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture, exploring new victims to harass and possibly infest with fleeing vermin. Mr. West claims he was followed by the National Police. In the video posted on She Shepherd's website Mr. West follows a Japanese citizens who later proceeds to run away from Mr. West. Causing a bit of bravado by West claiming he scared off the National Police of Japan. Really?

Now let us come back to earth and dabble in reality: What national security force in any nation on this planet would run from the likes of Mr. West? The answer is none! The National Security Police in Japan consider Sea Shepherd and their vermin infested drones to be too insignificant to warrant a concern.

Just remember this: The nation of Japan is hurting from the earthquake tsunami and there is Sea Shepherd traveling throughout the land to kick the Japanese further while they are down. These Sea Shepherd infidels are exploiting a people with the sole purpose of exacting donations from emotional wrecks around the world. These emotional wrecks that need a cause to latch onto to attain a feeling of self-worth are being exploited by these cultural imperialist, eco terrorist.

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