Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan, and one of them thar drunks, a foreigner!

Tony’s travel log Friday, May, 2011:

Shun, Manabu, and I, boarded a bullet train to Hiroshima, and visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Afterwards back to Osaka to Koshien Stadium to watch a Hanshin Tigers baseball game. From the stadium we hailed a taxi to the Dotonbori Bridge over the Dotonbori Canal to meet friends. While on the bridge we met Vivia, known as “VivaEcoCultBusiness” on YouTube. Also met Benny and his wife Risa.

After exchanging pleasantries we walked towards a restaurant at Risa’s suggestion. It was down a narrow ally wide enough for only pedestrian traffic and perhaps a bicycle or two. While traveling down this dimly lit ally lined with a number of small drinking and eating establishments, out of one of these joints popped a drunk.

The drunk was not a sleepy drunk or happy drunk, but one of those annoying drunks. He immediately attached his stumbling self to our group. He was Caucasian from Northern Europe. I knew this place of origin because he kept slurring “I’m from Sweden, I am Swedish.”

Immediately racing towards the forefront of my exhausted brain was the video I posted a few years back titled, “No foreigners allowed signs in Japan,” posted on April 12, 2008. In the video I validate the reasoning behind those few signs in Japan which read “No foreigners allowed.” This drunk in the midst of our group proved what I said in that video to be true.

Link to the video:

We arrived at the establishment to eat and a few in the group entered with the drunk following them inside the joint. I remained in the ally and refused to enter with that drunk in there. I was tired and was looking forward to sharing a good meal and conversation with friends. This drunk was not part of what I anticipated and did not want to endure his nonsense.

The restaurant staff threw him out, I walked in, the staff locked the door preventing the drunken embarrassment from reentering. We all enjoyed wonderful food, a great evening, with delightful friends and no drunk.

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