Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tunisian fishermen give Sea Shepherd their deserved what-fors -- ha ha h...

Sea Shepherd in their continued effort to deprive the Japanese of food sought to disrupt a third food source for the Japanese. The rust-bucket, garbage scows of the girly-men embarked upon the Mediterranean Sea to halt the Tunisian fishermen in the waters off Libya who capture Bluefin tuna. The majority of Bluefin tuna caught are shipped off the Japan. Sea Shepherd working tirelessly to deprive the Japanese of dolphin, whales, and now Bluefin tuna.

Being the grand exploiters that Sea Shepherd types are, such as exploiting Japan after the earthquake tsunami, exploiting suckers around the world who donate to Sea Shepherd, and now the Libyan waters knowing that nation is in the midst of a civil war. This civil war tying up the Libyan military who last year locked their radar on Sea Shepherd’s helicopter, causing the girly-men to run out of Libyan waters.

It is reported Sea Shepherd went to confront the Tunisian fishermen to determine if they are fishing legally and / or were not over the quotas set by ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas. See Captain Kangaroo recently promoted to Admiral Beauregard Watson of the Confederate fleet hallucinates he or they are law-enforcement because the badge he wears grants him authorization.

The Tunisian fishermen demonstrated they have no respect for his fake badge and proceeded to harass the girly men of She Shepherd as the girly men harass the mariners of the Japanese whaling fleet. The Tunisian’s threw heavy chain links on the decks of the Sea Shepherd vessel causing the children of Sea Shepherd to toss stink bombs and spray the Tunisians with water hoses / canon.

The Tunisians employed a Sea Shepherd tactic by attempting to foil the Sea Shepherd vessel’s propellers with a large thick rope, the same tactic Sea Shepherd tried against the Japanese whaling vessel.

The Tunisian fishermen when they capture Bluefin tuna they put the tuna in large net cages in the sea. Sea Shepherd in the past attempted to ram the nets to free the tuna. This time Sea Shepherd claimed they did not send divers to cut the nets because they did not want to get involved with hand-to-hand combat. Huh? Sea Shepherd brags they are willing to risk their lives to save the creatures of the sea, however not willing to engage in hand-to-hand combat? Bravado or cowardice?

Due to the Tunisian fishermen dealing with Sea Shepherd as all mariners around the world should, Sea Shepherd left in complete shame. The two She Shepherd rust bucket garbage scows involved were the Steve Irwin, and the Brigitte Bardot.

She Shepherd claims they were going to go to the Faroe Islands to disrupt their whale harvest this summer and to receive a hearty Viking welcome. Now with this bruising from the Tunisian will Sea Shepherd call of their Viking visit?

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