Monday, June 6, 2011

News media bias with reference to Democrat Anthony Weiner and Republican...

The Dallas Morning News during the week following the Anthony Weiner (U.S. Congressman Democrat New York), only reported one postage size article and not letters to the editor. The itty-bitty article omitted he is a Democrat.

Yet a week after the scandal hit The Dallas Morning News ran an article written by Dave Michaels titled “Palin is wrong, Hoyer is off.” The article attempts to “fact check” some of Sarah Palin’s statements concluding errors on her part. In this article it clearly mentioned Sara Palin is a “Republican.”

A negative article about Democrat Anthony Weiner and The Dallas Morning News leaves out he is a Democrat. A negative article about Sarah Palin, and The Dallas Morning News glowingly writes Mrs. Palin is a Republican. Can we say, “Double standard,” or perhaps, “News media bias?” Sure can.

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