Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Japan sends $120,000 worth of emergency supplies to the tornado victims ...

Link to Sea Shepherd's behavior in Taiji:

Link to article about Japanese donation to Alabama:

In April of 2011 areas of Alabama were devastated by numerous tornados. Japan’s Consul General, Takuji Hanatani donated supplies worth more than $120,000 to the victims of the Alabama tornados. The supplies included 8,000 blankets, and 150 traps, transferred from Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA warehouse in Miami to a FEMA destination in Montgomery, Alabama.

Mr. Takui Hanatani said this was a gift in appreciation of the aid the United States offered during their earthquake and tsunami. He said,

“We are very much grateful for your strong support. Not only the U.S. government assistance, but the American people. The businesses, corporations, and individuals that provided assistance, made a donation and simply offered a prayer. We will never forget this friendship," said Hanatani.

Illustrating the gratitude exhibited by the Japanese in appreciation to the USA for the earthquake tsunami help involving over 20,000 U.S. military men and women. The USA arriving soon after the tragedy with an aircraft carrier, support ships, transport vessels, and helicopters to participate in recuses and delivering supplies. This was labeled by the USA military: Operation Tomodachi (Operation Friends).

I received numerous messages of “thanks” from people in Japan. While visiting in Japan I was thanked in person for America’s help and given an “Operation Tomodachi” patch. The nation continued state they will never forget the help from the United States. Very refreshing considering the help the USA has given multitude of nations in the last 65 years only to be greeted with scorn and hostility today.

With this backdrop there is Sea Shepherd in Japan attempting to put over 3,000 people in Taiji, Japan out of work over the dolphin whaling issue. Currently these monsters from Sea Shepherd are in Northern Japan exploring new territory to soil with their venom looking to add more Japanese to the unemployment lines.

Japan is a trusted, good friend and ally to the USA and Sea Shepherd is attempting to server that relationship. Japan is hurting and Sea Shepherd is exploiting these good people to solicit donations from unstable people around the world looking for a cause to attach on to.

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