Sunday, May 29, 2011

A call to arms in Japan in response to the filth from Sea Shepherd

This is a call to arms to the good people of Japan. No actual weapons or arms, and of course no violence. The call to arms is to proudly use the Japanese flag to defend Japan from the exploitation, harassment, and vermin infestation of Sea Shepherd and their types.

These foreign invaders plan to harass and defile the picturesque village of Taiji come the end of August, 2011, plus planning a new offensive in Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture. People of Japan unite as one to meet these drones with Japanese flags. Stand between the filth of these foreigners, and the good people of Taiji. Wherever She Shepherd wrecks go or travel, surround them with the flag of the rising sun, Nippon.

There are many civic, political, and various groups in Japan with agendas that keep most divided. However the one uniting factor should be love of country to protect your country from these oversea bums. Organize, travel to Taiji, and show the people your support.

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