Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Japan, an overview of Texas Daddy's trip, part two

My trip to Japan from 10 May to 20 May 2011. This video is an overview of the trip. This is the second of two of an overview.

In this video I discuss the considerate way to ride an escalator in Osaka and Tokyo. Noticed standing in line to enter a subway car as oppose to a mob scene I am use to when I rode the New York City subway system. There are special subway cars for women only to avoid being groped as happens in subway systems throughout the world.

In continuing with their considerate civic engineering raised straight line bumps help guide the visually impaired through the streets and subways. Large curve mirrors are placed at intersections where the motorist view is hindered by buildings both in the cities and countryside.

Passing of business cards an important part of a proper greeting. Taxi drivers in immaculate clean vehicles wearing a suite, white shirt, tie, and white gloves. Hey cabbie in New York City and Dallas, can you take a hint here?

Never go for want of a drink or snack as vending machines are everywhere even on the bullet train from Osaka to Hiroshima. Restaurants advertise their food in their windows by displaying was food resembling the meals. These are not just advertisements, but works of art succeeding in enticing one to eat either before or after the meal.

Shun’s van an American Chevrolet we rode around in while other vans on the streets were more my size. Peep holes in doors in the USA are placed too high for me to view through, however in Japan for the first time in my life I was able to view through a peep hole.

Toilets in Japan are exactly as in the USA, except they also accustomed those from countries not use to a USA style toilet. Do not believe the silly stories told on the Internet.

Of course a great thanks and indebtedness to Shun who made this trip of a life time possible. He is an honorable and noble man and I am proud to call him, friend.

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