Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan, an overview of Texas Daddy's trip

My trip to Japan from 10 May to 20 May 2011. This video is an overview of the trip. More videos will be posted detailing my visit with the mayor of Taiji, Osaka, bullet train to Hiroshima, Osaka Texas Daddy Conference, Osaka Tiger’s baseball (Hansin Tigers), Dotonbori Canal, Dotonbori restaurants, Tokyo conference, and many more places, people, incidents, and observations.

The last day while at a hotel in Narita airport sitting in the hotel’s restaurant, there was a tremor. To me it was the beginning of an earthquake and I was about to start running out the door when Shun advised just a tremor nothing to worry about. Then he said, “Now you have the full Japanese experience.”

The following among many help make this a notable trip and greatly appreciated:

Shiho Shun’s daughter, Mr. Nishimura, Ms. Fuji, Mr. Fujita, Manabu, Mayor Sangen of Taiji, Mr. Gotou , A Rei Raise & Mushikera, ViviaEcoCultBusiness, Benny and wife, Saya, Ake – restaurant owner, Ali at Hiroshima, and Mr. Nakahira in Taiji.

Of course a great thanks and indebtedness to Shun who made this trip of a life time possible. He is an honorable and noble man and I am proud to call him, friend.

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