Friday, May 6, 2011

The word "looting" missing in Japan surfaces in the USA

On 11 March 2011 when the earthquake tsunami devastated Japan, in the aftermath the world questioned in amazement and respect, “how come no looting.” The word “looting” was missing from news reports in the devastated areas because of the culture where that anti-social behavior did not happen.

Recently in the USA numerous tornados devastated large areas of Southern states and guess what? That missing word “looting” surfaced. Police in Alabama had to work 12 hour shifts without any days off, the National Guard activated, and Mayor Walt Maddox of Tuscaloosa (Alabama) imposed a curfew, all because of that one word “looting.”

Apparently parts of the USA are infected with animals masquerading as humans who exploit a tragedy as an opportunity to loot and degrade further the areas suffering from the tornados.

The people in Japan in the wake of their natural disaster showed the world how to behave by maintaining the civility. When the tornadoes hit the Southern USA (Alabama) before the looting, the questions should have been asked, “are we behaving like the Japanese,” or reminded to behave like the Japanese.

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