Saturday, July 2, 2011

Illegal Immigrants protest no problem while America citizen by birth may...

Recently illegal immigrants were protesting in Atlanta, Georgia to protest that state’s policies aimed at illegal immigrants. This protest was a “coming out” event for these illegals proudly proclaiming their illegal status in the United States of America.

What is even more shocking was the article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, “Illegal immigrants protest.” Golly and shazam! The news media actually used the word “illegal” when reporting about illegal immigrants. Usually the media provides cover for those who broke the law by referring to them as “undocumented immigrants” or just “immigrants.” However this time the news violated political correctness and actually labeled an “illegal” as being “illegal.” Who da thunk?

The young illegal immigrant protestors were arrested not for being what they are, “illegal,” but for blocking traffic. Later they were released to their parents to return to their homes in Georgia. Now if the child is in the USA illegally, does it not stand to reason so are the parents? They were not held for deportation, but released to other illegals.

On the same page in The Dallas Morning News where the above article appeared, also appeared this article, “War vet may avoid passport prosecution.” Navy Reserve Petty Officer Elisha Dawkins (age 26) was arrested by the State Department for checking the wrong box on a passport application.

Petty Office Dawkins while filling out a passport application checked a box stating he never applied for a passport before. However he did, years earlier but never pursued it, so he got arrested. Here is the best part: He served in the United States Army and in Iraq with an honorable discharge, and later joined the United States Navy Reserves. He currently has a birth certificate showing he was born in Florida. However the State Department was thinking of deporting him. Deporting him to where since was born in the USA?

So the illegals in Atlanta, Georgia after breaking the law are returned to their illegal parents, while a man born in the USA and served in the US Army and currently in the US Navy Reserves, may have been deported. Welcome to stupid America!

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