Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unboxing more chocolate from Japan

Recently I received a package of delicious chocolate from a wonderful fan in Japan.

The YouTube fan: “CocoVader999” sent me the package of chocolates.

The numerous chocolates included:

Meiji different chocolates and varity pack

Meiji chocolate covered almonds (finished the bag as soon as completed the video)

Meiji “Himilk”

Meiji Black

Pocky mint

Pocky coconut

I am very grateful for the friends I have in Japan, and blessed too. Thanks to “CocoVader999” and all my good friends in The Land of the Rising Sun,” Nippon.

1 comment:

SHUN said...

Oh god !

I forgot to send some tooth brush with the chocolate !

Do you need special brush for dentures or just a normal one ?

But forgive me that I can not send you diabetic injections because I am not a doctor.

I am just a fan of PropagandaBuster!