Wednesday, July 27, 2011

President Obama found the word "compromise"

Recently President Obama (Democrat) addressed the nation (USA) via television. The address was an effort to explain to the nation the budget negotiations entertaining the nation’s capital between them thar Democrats and Republicans in the Congress of these here United States of America - USA.

President Obama (Democrat) in this address mentioned the word “compromise.” This is an interesting development because ever since the Republicans won a majority in one-half of one-third of the government (House of Representatives, United States Congress) Democrats, the news media, and the President have all sudden discovered that word and incorporated into their vocabulary.

What is interesting is when Democrats controlled The White House and both Houses of Congress that word “compromise” was absent from their vocabulary. The news media also ignored that word during this period. You see, to Democrats compromise means agreeing with Democrats. When they are in the majority no need to compromise since they are running the joint.

Soon after President Obama’s inauguration (coronation) he had a meeting with Republicans and informed them: “I won the election.” Is that how one says “compromise?”

Another new found oddity of the President, them thar Democrats, and the news media is their sudden respect for President Ronald Reagan (Republican). In one of President Obama’s books he was extremely critical of President Reagan. During President Reagans eight years in office, the Democrats continually ridiculed and criticized him. Now they quote him with reverence.

How about these quotes from President Ronald Reagan:

“The Democrats have never met a tax they did not like”

“The Democrats are so far left, they left the nation.”

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party leadership in this twenty-first century is glowing and transparent.

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