Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unboxing a box from Shun in Japan

Shun in Japan sent me a big box of goodies. This video is the opening of that box revealing the contents. Some of the items:

Pair of pants

Japanese head bands

Japanese hand fan

Pair of pants

Yasukuni Shrine brochures

Pillow from Takashi

Massage implement from Mr. Goto a masseuse in Osaka, Japan

Pocky chocolate (numerous varieties)

DARS chocolate

Morinaga chocolate

Meiji chocolate

Japanese Nippon mug

An undisclosed item

Pocky video about the story behind the product:

Thank you Shun and all the wonderful people in Japan I was fortunate and blessed to meet during my ten day visit to the land of the Rising Sun.

1 comment:

SHUN said...

You did a good job using the mug against Sea Shepherd in your video.

Many of Japanese were very much surprised that you knew the meaning what is written on the mug you got from your fan in Tokyo and using it in very much proper way..

You are so smart man Tony !