Sunday, July 31, 2011

Really a contest about "really?"

In many of my videos I add the term “reeeallly.” While in Japan we had a group “really,” and also another group “really” in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This video is to announce a “really” contest with two prize categories (one winner in each category).

First category: The video with the most people saying “really.”

Second category: The video saying “really” most original and unique in content.

Post the videos as a response to this video to enter the contest, also must be a subscriber or subscribe to this channel (PropagandaBuster).

The judges for this contest are: Me (Tony), YouTuber MadBadVoodo (Richard) in Ohio, USA, and OUTSIDESOUND (Shun) in Japan.

The winner in the First Category will get to select a prize from the below list. The winner in the Second Category will get to select from what is left after the First Category winner selects his or her prize. The prizes are:

1 – T-shirt with PropagandaBuster Texas logo – size large

2 – T-shirt with PropagandaBuster’s face logo with “reeeally” written below the image – size large

3 – T-shirt Texas University Longhorns logo – size large

4 – New, never opened Texas flag 3’ x 5’ (0.91440 x 1.52400 meters) made of nylon

5 – “Admiral Tony’s Fleet Texas Navy” hat, one size fits all or most.

6 – Tony’s book “The Speeches of Texas Daddy” with DVD

7 – Small knife with wooden handle “Texas” engraved in the wood

Both winner will get:

1 – “Don’t mess with Texas” sticker

2 – Bookmark from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC

Prizes shipped through the United States Post Office and contestants are eligible anywhere on this planet (providing their country accepts delivery from the U.S. Postal Service, which almost all nations do).

Remember: All videos submitted give me (Ton aka: PropagandaBuster) permission to use the video in future videos. Thus by submitting as a response to this video you are consenting to future use by me, while also entering the contest if a subscriber or just subscribed.

Link to this video on YouTube:

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