Sunday, July 10, 2011

Humberto Leal Execution in Texas, an international incident

At age two a Mexican national illegally enters the United States of America with his illegal parents. In 1994 this two year old is now 21 years old, a Mr. Humberto Leal. Mr. Leal is at a party and leaves with Adria Sauceda age 16. Ms. Sauceda’s nude brutalized body was found hours later, raped, bitten, and bludgeoned to death with a 30 to 40 pound piece of assault.

Humberto Leal was arrested, tried and convicted of this heinous crime. When arrested he never mentioned he was a Mexican national or in the USA illegally. Due to political correctness and the fear of being accused of profiling, the authorities did not inquire.

Now 2011 Mr. Leal is 38 years old and about to be executed, the anti-execution drones seeped out of the woodwork claiming Mr. Leal’s rights were violated because the authorities did not allow him to contact the Mexican Counsel as per a treaty.

Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry refused to halt the planned execution. The Obama regime (Democrats) attempting to block the execution of this convicted murderer appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States of America (USA). The Court 5 – 4 refused to halt the execution.

On July 7th, 2011 Mr. Humberto Leal was executed by the State of Texas for his crime. In a given year Texas executes more convicted murderers than all the 49 states combined. Yet with this record, bottom-feeders still commit murders in Texas, knowing if caught they will face execution. As oppose to California or New York where such a murder has a better chance of becoming a celebrity than a cadaver.

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