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Sea Shepherd's captain / admiral on Japanese TV

“Japan Probe” detailing the TV show referenced in this video:

YouTube video about the TV show:

Sasaki’s blog related to the TV show (written in Japanese):

Video showing incident where the captain / admiral claimed to be shot (enjoy the humor):

An analysis of the captain / admiral’s claim of being shot:

Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson recently appeared on a Japanese television show via satellite. He had to do it via satellite because the Tokyo Metropolitan Police issued an arrest warrant for him. That happened after one if his loyal member and supporter Pete Bethune was in custody in Tokyo he sung like a canary exposing the captain / admiral’s illegal activities against the Japanese whalers. Subsequently Pete was thrown out of She Shepherd.

The interview happened in a large studio with school children sitting on both sides of a huge screen appearing the captain / admiral. The interview was conducted by photojournalist Yoichi Watanabe, and noted author / journalist (good friend also) Masaaki Sasaki of Sankei Shimbun.

Noted was the F.B.I.’s labeling of Sea Shepherd as “eco-terrorist.” Also noted was the money received by Sea Shepherd. From 2005 to 2008 donations averaged fewer than 4 million dollars. In 2009 is shot up to just under 10 million dollars. This occurring right after “Whale Wars” first season. Numbers proving the accelerated harassment of the Japanese whaling fleet is done solely for ratings and to garner donations from emotional wrecks around the world, modern day suckers to make P.T. Barnum proud. “P.T. Barnum” being the noted circus huckster who once said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”
During the interview the subject of him being shot on the high seas while sailing alongside the Japanese whaling vessel. The captain / admiral claims he was shot, but now says he has no idea who shot him. Huh? When the incident happened he stated none on his ship had weapons. So by deductive reasoning (“reasoning” there is a word absent from the She Shepherd vocabulary) would only mean the shot had to be fired from the Japanese (see above link analyzing the incident). Perhaps the shot was fired from his crew in an attempted mutiny? Incidentally it was claimed the bullet was stopped by his bulletproof vest and that fake tin badge he wears. See it pays to pretend to be law enforcement. Who da thunk hallucinating could save one’s life?

A student in the audience questioned the throw of glass bottles full of acid at the whalers while claiming to be non-violent. The captain / admiral returned they do not throw acid only rotten butter. On the screen appeared a photograph of one of those broken glass bottles on the deck of the Japanese whaling ship with the label clearly reading: ACID. No violence the captain / admiral claimed. What about throwing glass bottles at people with the bottles crashing on the slippery decks spreading broken glass?

The captain / admiral was asked about ramming the Japanese whaling vessel. He denied Sea Shepherd did that and claimed they were rammed by the Japanese. Here is the video of Sea Shepherd ramming the whaling vessel:

Perhaps if you play the video backwards his alternative universe will appear.

Another student asked him about eating killing cows when he claims it is wrong to kill whales. The captain / admiral said he does not eat beef nor does any of his crew. Okay, looking at him and his crew’s hefty robust bodies then they must be eating everything else if not eating beef.

Advice to the good captain / admiral: next time you appear on a television show, please wear a clean t-shirt.

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SHUN said...

I need to add one more question asked by student.

The student asked to Watson,

"You said that you don't eat cows.
Is that mean if you don't eat, it is not necessary for you to protect cows ?"

Then Watson replied to the student,

"For SSCS, I don't see any cows in the ocean"

Is this the right answer from the 60 years old man to the 10 years old student ?

He was refuted by a Japanese schoolchild perfectly.