Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy looting, the lost word

Hurricane Sandy looting, the lost word

The 11th of March, 2011 an historic earthquake / tsunami of Biblical proportions slams into the nation of Japan.   The world was amazed the word “looting” was missing from all the reports coming out of Japan in the aftermath.  No looting in Japan, the word was lost.

The end of October, 2012 a massive hurricane, Hurricane Sandy roars into the Northeast of the United States.  Creating widespread damage never seen on this scale in the region.  In the aftermath of the hurricane the bottom-feeders slithered out of the crawl spaces and started looting.  These reprobates located the word missing in Japan – LOOTING. 

These bottom-feeders uncivilized a national disgrace and embarrassment.  A pack of wild wolves demonstrate a greater degree of civility than these bums.  These reprobates are not universal throughout the USA, as they are mainly located in “blue” states or cities.  Blue states or cities are those areas run by the Democratic Party. 

When tornadoes hit red states (Republican states) in the South, hardly no looting if any.  Seems like the liberalism brand as practice by the Democratic Party breed these types of bottom-feeders. 

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