Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Locator Chip for students, mark of the beast?

Locator Chip for students, mark of the beast?

It is time to get out your thin-foil hats for conspiracy time.  In The Dallas Morning News reprinted from the Associated Press was an article titled “Schools sued over locator chips.”  The Northside school district in San Antonio, Texas is issuing student ID badges imbedded with locator chips, called SmartID.

A parent is objecting claim it violates the families Christian beliefs as they see the locator chip on a student ID as the mark of the beast (a Biblical reference).  The school is justifying the use to help administrators get an accurate student attendance which transforms into government money based on attendance. 

This is known as incrementalism, a favored tactic of liberals in the United States.  Today they ask for something small, and then tomorrow it balloons.  Example:  smoking bans were first requested only on trans-ocean flights with smokers being segregated to the back of the plane.  Following their tactic of incrementalism this smoking ban now grew to banning cigarette smoking in some municipalities in private homes and automobiles.

Today they ask for locator chips on school IDs.  This indoctrinates the children to accept them and make it easier to expand its use when they reach adulthood.  School IDs today, transportation tickets tomorrow, then driver licenses, to the real objective: inserted into the body at birth - the mark of the beast. These liberals are sinister and definitely resemble the mark of the beast.         

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