Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vote against the news media on Election Day

Vote against the news media on Election Day

With the presidential elections approaching, the American news media is in full re-election mode for President Obama and Democrats from dog catcher to The White House.  News media bias personified. 

The bias news media in America will employ two words: deflection and distraction.  This election is about the economy and the media in the United States will attempt to re-route the nation’s focus. 

Where is the news media questioning the cover up over the murders in Benghazi, Libya?  Four Americans murdered and the cover up leads to The White House.  In 1972 President Nixon was involved in the Watergate cover-up where no one died, and the news media ran Republican President Nixon out of town.      

In August of 2008 gas prices were about what they are currently in August of 2012.  Yet in 2008 every night on that national news media the nation was assaulted with daily reports on the high price of gasoline.  Many reporters at gas stations sticking microphones in the faces of motorist.  Interviewing people complaining about the gas prices and vowing to take “staycations” (stay-cation). 

Curiously 2012 an election year, a year seeking to re-elect President Obama the news media is ignoring the high price of gasoline. 

Unemployment in August, 2008 hovered around 6% and in August, 2012 it is 9% or higher.  Yet in 2008 the news media kept telling us how bad the economy was with 6% unemployment.  Now in 2012 with 9% (or there about) unemployment the news media is preaching the economy is improving.  Huh? 

See to a bias news media a rising unemployment rate while a Democrat occupies The White House that represents an improving economy.  The news media in the United States of America is engaging in Constitutional malfeasance for betraying their Constitutional mandate, their Constitutional responsibility.               

Please do not allow the bums in the news media to re-direct your focus.  This election is all about the economy!

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