Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sea Shepherd crew member abandon’s ship

Sea Shepherd crew member abandon’s ship

Elora Malama West one time Cove Guardian and recently part of Sea Shepherd’s floating circus Operation Zero Tolerance.  Ms. West aboard one of the circus’s rust-bucket garbage scows developed sea sickness. 

After two weeks at sea sailing towards the Southern Ocean to illegally harass the Japanese mariners, Mr. West had to abandon ship.  During the two weeks she developed sea sickness (motion sickness), making the journey difficult. 

Ms. West left the vessel then wrote an explanation on her blog, please see link below.

NOTE:  The crews of Sea Shepherd’s ocean going circus vow  they are willing to forfeit their lives to save whales.  Apparently Ms. West was willing to forfeit her life, however not willing to forfeit her vomit.

This qualified willingness to forfeit a life to save whales was also demonstrated by their sacred leader Paul Watson.  He too is willing to forfeit his life to save whales, but not his freedom as evident when he jumped bail in Germany to avoid a jail in either Costa Rica or Japan. 

Ms. West heart wrenching account of her two-week sea sickness:

Ms. West Facebook page:!/EloraMalamaWest?fref=ts

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