Saturday, November 17, 2012

Coyote hunt in New Mexico

Save the cows in New Mexico

Another video illustrating the lunatics in the so-called animal rights movement. 

There are around 300,000 coyotes in New Mexico who kill thousands of cattle / calf’s each year.  A gun shop named Gunhawk Firearms shop in Los Lunas, New Mexico is sponsoring a two-day coyote hunt.  The hunting team that brings in the most dead coyotes has a choice of either a Browning Maxus 12-guage shotgun or two AR-15 semiautomatic rifles. 
New Mexico coyote hunt
Animal rights advocates world-wide are yelling and demanding the hunt not take place.  These compassionate animal rights people would rather see a pack of coyotes maul a cow, eat it alive and bring it to a slow miserable death, rather than killing the coyote instantly with a bullet.  Their compassion is miss-placed and just plain lunacy. 

A taxidermist has volunteered to turn the hides of the dead coyotes to make clothing for the homeless.  It is a win-win, a win for the ranchers, and win for the hunters, and a win for the homeless.    

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Mike said...

My gosh, the ignorance of some of the people commenting on that post is massive. I saw several posts saying that if you thin them out, the female coyotes compensate by having larger litters. That's not really true, not in the way they mean.

For the most part, coyotes have litters based upon available food. When the coyote population is thinned, there's more food available for the rest OR other coyotes move into the territory. A continuing thinning program is necessary to keep the population in check. The govt. kills tens of thousands a year; seems like encouraging citizen involvement in thinning coyotes would save us all money.

I don't think they should be exterminated by any means; they provide an important ecological function, reducing the rabbit and rodent population. That said, thinning is a vital means of keeping a healthy population of any wild animal, be it coyotes, deer and others.

Anonymous said...

Cattle are not a native species, as
coyotes are.