Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dolphins mutilated in the Gulf of Mexico

Dolphins mutilated in the Gulf of Mexico

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians are currently infesting Taiji, Japan with their pestilence by being there and question if causing vermin to roam freely. 
Cove Guardians seeking money
This season the Cove Coward trust-fund babies are employing a new tool to harass the middle class fishermen working hard to provide for their families.  The “cowards” are live streaming the non- action in the waters around Taiji. 

Here is the link:

To leave a comment in the Tweeter box to the right, in Twitter write a message and end it with “#tweet4taiji” (omit the quotation marks).   

Check current time in Japan to make sure the live video feed is happening during the day; otherwise it will be a re-run:

Gulf of Mexico mutilated dolphins
While the “cowards” are seeking donations by harassing the people in Taiji, Japan, dolphins are being murdered and mutilated in the Gulf of Mexico in the waters off Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  How come the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd are not in these Gulf States to locate the perpetrators of these horrific crimes?

Very simple the money from suckers around the world comes from Sea Shepherd being in Taiji allowing them to masquerade their latent racism towards the Japanese.  If Sea Shepherd went to the Gulf coast that would not bring in money from these latent racism as it would not allow them to manifest their hate towards Japan.   

Link to articles concerning mutilated dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.  WARNING:  Some of the links have graphic photographs of dead dolphins:

Cove Guardians sightings in Taiji, Japan
NOTE:  The map of Taiji pointing to Sea Shepherd sightings in the town has the arrows pointing to the wrong locations.  This was done to protect the actual sights being harassed by the Cove Cowards. 
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