Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hamburgers and government healthcare

Hamburgers and government healthcare

The cost of traveling to Austin, Texas from Dallas, Texas using three different modes of transportation:

Car takes 3 hours 35 minutes cost $47.53
Bus takes 3 hours 20 minutes cost $27.00
AMTRAK train takes 5 hours 49 minutes cost $27.00

Going by private car or privately own bus takes under four hours.
Travel by government run transportation, a train, it the trip takes under six hours. 
Government efficiency.

Want to eat while on AMTRAK?  AMTRAK sells hamburgers at $9.50 each where it cost the government $16.00.  Each hamburger sold on AMTRAK represents a loss to the government / taxpayer / China of $6.50.

This is the same mentality about to run our healthcare systems.  Thanks to those who voted for President Obama this past election making Obamacare here to stay to bankrupt our medical system. 

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