Sunday, November 11, 2012

Protest in Tibet

Protest in Tibet

The gangster thugocracy in commie-led commie-land China are holding their 18th Communist Party Congress in Beijing, China.  The insecure thugs of this Congress have placed Beijing virtually on a lock-down. 

While the gangsters in Beijing are meeting to select their new dictators protest erupt in the stolen land of Tibet.  Since 2009 sixty-nine Tibetans have set themselves on fire (self-immolation).  At the time of this writing / video thousands of Tibetans are protesting Commie thug rule in Tibet. 

The Commies claim when they stole Tibet they freed the Tibetans from slavery.  The Commie version of freedom was to suppress Tibetan language, Tibetan religion – Buddhism, and Tibetan culture.  To commies suppression represents freedom. 

By the commie lack of reasoning the thousands protesting against commie rule in Tibet want to return to slavery.  This type of lunacy only resonates with commies.  

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