Friday, November 9, 2012

UFO India and China

UFO India and China

The commies in China has transformed The Middle Kingdom into The Mysterious Kingdom.  With the commies strange happenings have happened throughout China.  Not too long ago a Tibetan Buddhist being held in a commie jail disappeared.  The commies said he was there in his cell one day and the next day he just disappeared. 

In an article printed in The Dallas Morning News reprinted from the Los Angeles Times titled “UFOs along China border baffle India.” On the Indian Chinese border the Indian military has reported spotting UFOs flying over the border region originating in China, The Mysterious Kingdom, once The Middle Kingdom.  

This corresponds with a recent military agreement between India and China to conduct joint military exercises.  The true purpose of these joint military exercises is to allow the Communist to study and observe Indian military tactics, command and control, radio traffic, etc.  That is what is taking place on the Indian Chinese border, launching UFOs from China to probe Indian defenses. 

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