Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sea Shepherd wish list cough up the money

Sea Shepherd wish list cough up the money

Apparently Sea Shepherd’s minions are not coughing up enough money to supply these trust-fund babies upcoming scenic voyage titled “Zero Tolerance.”  Sea Shepherd has issued a wish list of items they would like supporters to supply them with.  Here is a partial list:

High-speed industrial blender (eg. Vitamix/Magimix)
Industrial toaster
Vegan cookbooks
Teflon sauce-pans - Silicon oven gloves, silicon deep-frying scoop
Grinder - peelers
Immersion blender
Birthday candles, etc
Foil, baking paper, cling wrap, etc
Industrial Juicer
Food: VEGAN FOODS (Please do not donate items containing meat, whey, dairy, eggs or honey)
Fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs
Olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil
Tofu (firm, silken) and tempeh
TVP (textured vegetable protein) and vegan faux meat products
Wheat gluten/Seitan
Canned legumes, canned tomatoes, pasta sauces
Vegan cheese, cream cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt, cream, and sour cream
Raw nuts and seeds
Dried legumes (lentils especially)
Cornflakes, other vegan cereals
Lasagna sheets, noodles, pasta, brown rice, Arborio rice
Taco shells and mountain bread/burrito wraps
White, wholemeal, rye, gluten-free flour
Maple syrup, agave syrup
Olives, sundried tomatoes
Non-dairy milk (almond, oat, coconut, soy)
Vegan chocolate and biscuits
Nuttelex, vegan spreads, Vegemite
Tahini, peanut butter, nut butters, jam
Crackers, snacks, corn thins
Braggs, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar
Juices, sodas

On their website they list a wish list for the rust bucket garbage scows the Steve Irwin, and the Sam Simon.  Curiously enough there seems to be no wish list for the other two rust bucket garbage scows the Bob Barker and Bridgette Bardot.  Their campaign “Zero Tolerance” must mean “zero supplies” for the remaining unmentioned rust buckets garbage scows.       

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