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Sea Shepherd Expose 3rd episode

Sea Shepherd Expose’ 3rd episode

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For years been posting videos extolling the ills of Sea Shepherd for basically being oriented to getting people to part with their money than saving whales or dolphins.  To help with this message recently members or member of Sea Shepherd have reached out to expose the sordid details of this cult-like group providing an expose’ much needed.

There are more leaks within the Sea Shepherd than just those in their rusting hulks. Sources from within the Sea Shepherd world, including those that have worked directly with the fugitive Paul Watson, are starting to speak out about their concerns about abuses within the group including how donors' money is being taken for one purpose and used for another.

One of the rust bucket garbage scows belonging to Sea Shepherd was purchased with a huge donation by one gentleman for this sole purpose.  This generous donor and fugitive Watson both had googly eyes for a certain female to play patty-fingers with.  The fugitive tug-of-war was won by the fugitive with the woman leaving the generous donor  empty.

Definition of the term “googly eyes”

March 11, 2011 when the earthquake tsunami hit northern Japan, Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian was in the area and was rescued by Japanese citizens.  Sea Shepherd was asked to contribute to a relief fund and refused to help the Japanese who helped Scott West.

It’s been reported sexual harassment is rampart on these ocean going rust buckets better referred to as garbage scows. 

Materials and conversations via YouTube messages, Skype, and emails have provided a treasure of information about the everyday operations with all their blemishes.  Those coming forward still remain loyal to end whaling and dolphin harvesting, however are repulsed by the leadership, tactics, and expenditures of this group. 

Sources are protected as their YouTube messages have been deleted, Skype addresses deleted, and emails deleted.  The deleting took place after a copy and paste to WORD, and notes from the Skype conferences.  The same will be extended to future Sea Shepherd members willing to help cleanse the group of fugitive(s), charlatans, and hucksters.   

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