Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson communique

Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson communique

Sea Shepherd’s fugitive Watson issued another communique (see link below).  In this communique the fugitive announces Sea Shepherd will challenge the Japanese whaling fleet in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan.  Huh?

All these years when Sea Shepherd was illegally harassing the Japanese whaling fleet inside the so-called whale sanctuary established by Australia in the Southern Ocean.  Sea Shepherd justified their behavior stating since Australia was not enforcing the whale sanctuary, they would. 

So how come the switch?  The Pacific Ocean north of Japan is not a whale sanctuary either real or hallucinated (a popular fantasy by Sea Shepherd types).  In the communique the fugitive writes Sea Shepherd has four vessels and one hundred volunteers to confront Japan in the Pacific Ocean.  Notice he wrote “volunteers.”  That is because he is not a volunteer but on the Sea Shepherd payroll.  He will be sending these trust-fund baby volunteers to confront Japan in or near their own waters.

Sea Shepherd under the fugitive Watson did not get dramatic video in the Southern Ocean this past whaling season.  This dramatic video is needed to get suckers to part with their money and donate to Sea Shepherd.   

The Japanese Navy and / or Coast Guard in the past have not entered the fray while it took place in the make-believe whale sanctuary as not to offend Australia.  Now with Sea Shepherd in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan the situation changes.  The Japanese Coast Guard may provide Sea Shepherd the dramatic video by interdiction and / or boarding Sea Shepherd’s vessels.  This is a sure revenue generator for the fugitive Watson. 

While the trust-fund babies are having their vessels boarded by the Japanese Coast Guard, you can guarantee the fugitive Watson would not be with a hemisphere’s reach.  The fugitive fears most being awarded a free ocean voyage to Tokyo and receiving free room and board at the expense of the Japanese tax payer. 

How about a little bit of a conspiracy theory?  Currently the commies in China are violating and / or testing Japan territorial integrity by violating Japanese territory in the Sankaku Islands.  These islands are located near Okinawa, Japan’s southwest.  With Sea Shepherd creating a nuisance to Japan’s north, it can create a news media diversion for the commies to move aggressively on the Sankaku Islands.  Did the commies in Beijing happen to pay off a fellow traveler as they have in the fugitive?

No problem as Japan sees Sea Shepherd as a very minor irritant such as a flea on an elephant’s back.  Also the Japanese Coast Guards has a fleet of over four-hundred vessels, and over seventy aircraft.  They are very prepared to address the commies and the trust-fund babies.

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