Friday, October 12, 2012

Sea Shepherd begging for more money

Recently Nils Greskewitz a member of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan was arrested for damaging public property.  After his arrest Sea Shepherd threw him out of their group. 

Damaged statue in Taiji, Japan
The behavior of Mr. Greskewitz and others caused the police in Wakayama Prefecture (Taiji area) to round up 12 to 13 of these intrusive foreigners for questioning.  After being released, according to Sea Shepherd their SD cards, telephones, and computers were “seized.”  The police advised the items would be returned in about two weeks.

Sea Shepherd not one to let a money-making idea pass them decided to use this as an opportunity to exploit the situation and get money from suckers around the world.  On their website (see link below) they are appealing for $4,000 to replace equipment that will be return to them in about two weeks.     

It gets better:  Another so-called save the dolphins group is also making an appeal for money for the very same reason.  The group is: “T.A.G.,” Taiji Action Group.  However this group has more faith in suckers than Sea Shepherd.  Sea Shepherd is requesting $4,000, while this group is requesting $15,000 !!!!!  See link below Sea Shepherd’s link.

Sea Shepherd begging:

T.A.G. link:

What is amazing is all this started because Nils Greskewitz was arrested, and now he is being abandoned while groups rush in to compound the situation and profit from it.  These foreigners in Taiji, Japan are pathetic.  They are using the dolphin issue for their benefit.       

The shameless continue to beg for money using a sham excuse:
Link to Texas Daddy store:

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