Thursday, October 4, 2012

Okinawa Japan anti USA Osprey demonstrations

Okinawa, Japan anti-USA Osprey demonstrations

Okinawa, Japan is riddled with numerous United States military bases.  One of which is a United States Marine Corps base (USMC) called Futenma.  At this base the U.S. Marines are in the process of introducing to their aircraft fleet the tilt-rotor Osprey. 

The Osprey has had problems / accidents in its infancy as most newly developed / design aircraft suffer through.  The Osprey is needed to assist the U.S. Marines to respond rapidly in the event aggression needs to be halted or just provide a deterrent. 

An article published in The Dallas Morning News DMN reprinted from The Associated Press AP, titled, “Osprey aircraft protested as they land at base.”  Mentions hundreds of Okinawans demonstrated against the Osprey.  Understanding is the majority of Okinawans do not object to the Osprey or the U.S. Marines, they appreciate the strategic importance of deploying the aircraft. 

The Okinawans who have a legitimate concern about the Osprey are being exploited by the commies.  The commies in China would also like to stop the Marines from having the Osprey at their disposal.  The last military the commie military wants to face are U.S. Marines – Leathernecks – battle hardened, battle experience, and battle ready.  The only battle experience the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army, the commie army) has is shooting their own unarmed civilians in Tibet and East Turkistan (Xinjiang).

Meaning when these Okinawans demonstrate,  they are in agreement with the commies, all though both for very different reasons, however still commie condoned.  The demonstrating Okinawans do not want to take the risk of having an Osprey crash into their home.  Sorry it must be a shared risk.  The U.S. Marines are willing to risk their lives in protecting a trusted friend and ally, Japan, then these protesting Okinawans need to also share some of that risk.

Remember:  Freedom is not free, it comes at a high price.    

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1 comment:

okinawan said...

I also respect your opinion. But you know what?
All The U. S. military existence in Japan.
it 75% in only Okinawa.

The U. S. military aircraft crashed into an elementary school in Okinawa in the past.
Many children died.
Recently, a The U. S. military helicopter crashed into a university in Okinawa.

Why, only Okinawa is sacrificed to maintain peace of Japan?

Why, the military strengthening in Okinawa only?
Okinawa have received a sufficient sacrifice.

Please inquire into more.

poor English sorry.