Sunday, October 14, 2012

What happened to Nils Greskewitz?

What happened to Nils Greskewitz?

Nils Greskewitz is a young German (Deutschland) national around 25 years old.  Mr. Greskewitz did not agree with the dolphin captures in Taiji, Japan.  His passion for the dolphins led him to join Sea Shepherd’s group the Cove Guardians. 

At his own expense he traveled to Taiji, Japan and met up with other Cove Guardians.  Shortly after his arrival he is at the waterfront with other members of the group.  Mr. Greskewitz sees a statue of a man holding a harpoon in the air.  Filled with youthful experience Nils climbs the statue, dangles himself from the harpoon, causing it to bend.  Nils Greskewitz damaged the statue and was arrested by the police.

Soon after his arrest Sea Shepherd dumped him, they threw him overboard and out of the organization.  Sea Shepherd claimed they were honoring a 2003 agreement with Japan not to break Japanese laws or damage Japanese property.  Since Mr. Greskewitz violated this obscure so-called agreement, he was thrown out – ABANDONED! 

When Peter Bethune damaged Japanese property, Sea Shepherd paid for his defense.  Fugitive Watson has rammed Japanese vessels and Sea Shepherd paid for his defense and covering the cost of the fugitive Watson to remain a fugitive. 

So where is the consistency? 
Sea Shepherd is not known for consistency however dumping Nils Greskewitz must be met with outrage. 
Where is Nils Greskewitz? 
How come no news about him? 
 Why was Sea Shepherd so fast to dump him?    

Link to Sea Shepherd’s page throwing him out.

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