Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sea Shepherd Taiji arrest

Sea Shepherd: “Man overboard!”

Recently in Taiji, Japan one of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians got arrested.  A German national named Nils Greskewitz was arrested in Taiji for climbing on a statue which caused the spear / harpoon on the statue to bend due to Mr. Greskewitz dangling from it. 

While the brave Cove Guardian Mr. Greskewitz is resting comfortably (free room and board) at the expense of the Japanese taxpayer, Sea Shepherd threw him out of the organization, the Cove Guardians, by extension Sea Shepherd.  Nothing like standing with your crew.

Sea Shepherd claims they have an agreement with the Japanese made in 2003 not to break the law or be destructive.  In fairness, Sea Shepherd’s manual and applications state destructive behavior or breaking the law is not permitted. 

Really?  In 2010 Sea Shepherd’s “captain” Peter Bethune of the ill-fated Ady Gill illegally boarded the Japanese vessel MV Shonan Maru 2 to deliver the real Captain a bill for the Ady Gill after the two vessels collided.  To board the Shonan Maru 2 Mr. Bethune used a knife to slice through protective netting.

Mr. Bethune was detained and given a free ocean voyage to Tokyo, Japan.  He was indicted on five charges:

1 – trespassing
2 -  assault
3 - illegal possession of a knife
4 - destruction of property
5 - obstruction of business.      

All five seem to indicate Mr. Bethune did break Japanese law putting him in violation of Sea Shepherd’s so-called 2003 agreement with Japan.  Yet Mr. Bethune was not thrown out of Sea Shepherd immediately.  Sea Shepherd even provided him with a lawyer(s).  It was later Mr. Bethune was thrown overboard by Sea Shepherd in an attempt to fool the Japanese into thinking Mr. Bethune would not return to Sea Shepherd if released. 

How come Mr. Greskewitz is not being treated as Mr. Bethune was with a lawyer and kept in the organization?  Is a New Zealander (Peter Bethune) worth more to Sea Shepherd than a German (Nils Greskewitz)?        

Mr. Greskewitz has been thrown overboard by Sea Shepherd:

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