Friday, October 12, 2012

Murder in Benghazi Libya Obama and Hillary lie

Murder in Benghazi Libya Obama and Hillary lie

Al-Qaeda attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the Obama Administration’s immediately response was to blame an obscure video made in the U.S.A. and by extension attacking the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

The Obama regime for the first eight to ten days lied and tried to blame the video rather than call it for what it was, an act of terrorism by Al-Qaeda. 

Four Americans were murdered:
Chris Stevens, 52, United States Ambassador
Sean Smith, 34, former U.S. Air Force
Glen Doherty, 42, former U.S. Navy Seal
Tyrone Woods, 41, former U.S. Navy Seal      

Interesting the news media reported the State Department’s expose’ of the Obama lie.  However reporting it and buried it.  Example:  It was on page four of The Dallas Morning News.  Was Watergate reported on page four?     
President Richard Nixon

In 1972 Republican Party operatives broke into Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building in Washington, DC.  President Richard Nixon was not involved in the planning and execution of the break-in, however he was involved in the so-called “cover-up.”  For that the news media drove President Nixon out of town, forcing him to resign in 1974.  Remember with Watergate NO ONE DIED! (This of course is an abbreviated account). 

Thirty eight years later President Obama is involved in another cover-up, this time FOUR AMERICANS ARE DEAD!  Where is the media consistency? 

After eight to ten days of lying to the American public, the Obama Administration (President Obama and Hillary Clinton) then blame it on faulty intelligence and the bias news media allows that excuse.  Really?

People died, Obama lied
In 2003 President Bush based upon intelligence reports invaded Iraq to cleanse the country of WMDs, weapons of mass destruction.  Later discovered there were no such weapons.  Once again another abbreviated account.  President Bush was the victim of faulty intelligence.  The news media and the entertainment industry to this day criticize President Bush for the faulty intelligence and chanted for years, “Bush lied, people died.”  How about we update that to:
“People died and Obama lied.”

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Americans murdered in Benghazi, Libya


Anonymous said...

You are wrong on one statement, The Libyan government never accepted the Obama lie. The President of Libya said the immediately disregarded the notion that this had anything to do with a video. The landlord and a surviving guard were both interviewed on sept 12 and said it was simply a large scale attack on the consulate, no protesters.

Anonymous said...

Please share this note with other friends: As I read more about the Benghazi attack, I am blown away by the unbelievable partisanship of the major networks in protecting Obama from the biggest scandal of his administration. It is 100% clear that the administration knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack and not an out of control mob protesting a video. The possibility that terrorists with links to al-Qaeda were responsible would look bad for Obama since we have been told that al-Qaeda was on the path to defeat. In fact Obama had received reports in August that al-Qaeda was gaining strength in Libya. We have learned that the survivors of the assault were debriefed within 24 hours, and they confirmed that there was no protest beforehand. It was a straightforward military style raid on the compound. On Sept. 12th the McClatchy website posted an article on the attack. The key sentence states,”In Washington, two administration officials, briefing reporters on the condition of anonymity, corroborated much of Bishari’s description of what happened.” The administration officials already knew what had occurred at the consulate because the survivors had been debriefed. They confirmed to the McClatchy reporter that the Libyan was correct, there were no protesters, it was a full scale assault, well planned in advance and timed for September 11th. The Libyan government never accepted the story that this was anything other than a well planned terrorist assault. In fact the day after the attack the one Libyan guard who survived said there were no protesters and it was an sudden assault on the compound. But our President already knew this information. What purpose was served in not telling the country what the President had learned from the survivors? Why spread a lie about a spontaneous protest turning violent?

The President, Hilary Clinton, and Susan Rice perpetrated a lie, long after the facts were clear. The country deserves an explanation for our President's actions in intentionally misleading the public and the world. At the United Nations the President had the opportunity to discuss the dangers of a strengthening al-Qaeda. Instead, he blamed the attack on a video. If the Congress had not been controlled by the GOP, this deception may have never come to light. The details of the assault would have been kept a secret. Suddenly just before the Congressional hearings, a State Department official tells reporters that the State Department never accepted the premise that this was a spontaneous event caused by anger over a video. Apparently the State Department listed the event as a terrorist attack within 24 hours, but Clinton was playing the role of a politician and not head of the State Department when she lied to the public.

President Obama is proud that he gave the order to kill Osama bin Laden, but if al-Qaeda is strengthening and attacking our diplomats, this diminishes the value of his death and it could be argued that we have made him a martyr. We have killed many al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan but the President of Pakistan says that we are simply creating more radicals with our drone attacks. I cannot know President Obama's reasons for blaming the consulate attack on a mob and not Islamic terrorists, but it appears to have been a decision based on politics. The President still refuses to admit that he knew the truth within the first day. I think that the country deserves to know why he made the decision to mislead everyone.

It is obvious that this issue could end Obama's chances of being re-elected, and the mainstream press may never confront the President. It would only take one question, “Mr. President, when did you learn from the survivors that there were no protesters and that the attack seemed planned and well organized.”

I have sent a copy of this to ABC, NBC, and CBS but I doubt they will do anything. Please spread the word and send your own copy to the major networks. Don Woods -thanks