Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cove Guardians posting of hate

Cove Guardian supporters posting of hate

Read the hate from Sea Shepherd, Cove Guardian, save  the whale types:

Many of the Sea Shepherd, Cove Guardian, save the whales, save the dolphin types love to proclaim they do not hate Japan or the Japanese, it is their activity of whaling and dolphin gathering they hate.  REALLY?

There is a Facebook page: ““Save Japan Dolphins Taiji Cove Monitors Page” where it is easy to locate pure hate (link to the Facebook page below).  This posting of their hate for all to see the depths of their hearts.    

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians currently in Taiji, Japan are providing people filled with hate, racism, and bigotry a venue to express their bitter hate masquerading as compassion for the dolphins and whales.  Making Sea Shepherd and the Cove Guardians complicit in this hate for providing these hate mongrels a vehicle to behave in a despicable and repugnant manner. 

Some of these save the dolphin people are disgusting.  How can any decent person want to identify with any group that welcomes those who would leave these types of comments? 

"You will be judged by the company you keep.” 

“Save Japan Dolphins Taiji Cove Monitors Page” Facebook page:!/SaveJapanDolphinsTaijiCoveMonitorsPage?fref=ts

Another Facebook page with hate:

“Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (Official)” Facebook page:

Link to Texas Daddy store:


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised.

John Halladay said...

Sea Shepherd also don't support racism. It is unfortunate that such comments are being made on those pages.
You might be interested to know that Sea Shepherd, in recruiting its Cove Guardians, actively discourages racists.

'For The Oceans' - John