Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sea Shepherd Expose' first in a series

Sea Shepherd Expose’ first in a series

For years been posting videos extolling the ills of Sea Shepherd for basically being oriented to getting people to part with their money than saving whales or dolphins.  To help with this message recently members or member of Sea Shepherd have reached out to expose the sordid details of this cult-like group providing an expose’ much needed.

Materials and conversations via YouTube messages, Skype, and emails have provided a treasure of information about the everyday operations with all their blemishes.  Those coming forward still remain loyal to end whaling and dolphin harvesting, however are repulsed by the leadership, tactics, and expenditures of this group. 

This is the first in a series basically explaining the details and urging others to come forward.  Many have kept silent fearing legal consequences due to signing a “Confidentiality Agreement.”  According contract law in the USA this agreement is invalid.  For a contract to be valid there must be what is known as “consideration.”  This agreement provides none as the “volunteer” is not compensated.  Also in this agreement and the “Volunteer Waiver of Liability” it abridges the right of “heirs” to the signatory to seek recompense.  In the USA one cannot sign away the rights of another.           

Sources are protected as their YouTube messages have been deleted, Skype addresses deleted, and emails deleted.  The deleting took place after a copy and paste to WORD, and notes from the Skype conferences.  The same will be extended to future Sea Shepherd members willing to help cleanse the group of fugitive(s), charlatans, and hucksters.    

Future episodes in the series will reveal, miss appropriations of dedicated funds, womanizing, sexual harassment, untreated trauma, drug use, a whole assortment of intimidation, cult-like worship, and just plain subterfuge.       

Sea Shepherd Onshore volunteer manual:

Sea Shepherd application:

Waiver of liability:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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Dirk said...

Hey Tony
Great post.
Just gave another 50 bucks to sea shepherd.
So what organizations would you recommend that do the same job as sea shepherd?