Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fuji TV rally my original video, my apology

There was a large rally in Japan on 21 August in front of Fuji TV protesting what many said is the television’s station partiality to the “Korean Wave,” (Hallyu wave). I posted a video prior to the rally attempting to diminish the concern about the Korean Wave in Japan. Although many people in Japan wrote me attempting to explain their concerns, I still did not fully grasp their concerns.

After posting the video I spoke via the telephone with fellow YouTuber “MadBadVoodo” Kentucky Colonel Hunter. During the conversation I explained to him my video and the concerns of the people in Japan. He then reminded me how rap music gained popularity in the United States. When the rap music first emerged it was rejected because it was pure garbage: advocating violence, not music but noise, cursed, and degraded woman.

During this early period MTV (a youth oriented music station) aired music videos. The cultural elite in the USA with their goal to degrade civility in the USA pushed MTV to air those rap music videos. MTV agreed with this subterfuge and aired the videos time after time. There was no demand or audience for this garbage; however MTV kept pushing it until it gradually caught hold among the young.

I was then able to see what the people in Japan were telling me this is exactly what they see happening with Fuji TV in Japan and their concern. This video is my apology to the people of Japan and to those who wrote me for me being closed-minded and unable to see their view when it was clearly there for me to see. Sorry Japan I behaved sorry. Sumimasen スミマセン


Tony, aka: Texas Daddy and / or PropagandaBuster

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Adam isfendiyar said...

you are a twit, calling rap music `garbage`, it was an expression of what was going on in the US at the time in black communities. I am white and from England, so i have no particular chip on my shoulder about this issue, but to dimiss something that has meaning just because of a few swear words, you have missed the point. There was some crap out there, but there was crap rock music, and country and soul, in fact every genre has seen its fair share of garbage, you manage to sound like a person whose opinions many thinking people would quickly discredit, when you come out with blanket statements like that.