Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pakistan to help China with Uyghur terrorist? Who read the tea leaves?

Pakistan shares common borders with Afghanistan, China, and India, seems to be host to over forty terrorist groups. Recently from the USA accusations of Pakistani military and intelligence services in support of al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. The nation of India accused the Pakistani intelligence services of complicity in the 2008 terrorist attack upon India’s capital: Mumbai. This attack resulting in the terrorist murdering 164 people and wounding around 308. With this stellar record of fighting terrorist, the commies in China are seeking Pakistani support in suppressing terrorism in the Xinjiang region of China.

Remember now Osama Bin Laden (currently enjoying the view from the bottom of the sea) was found living in Pakistan right next to a Pakistani Military Academy. The relationship between the USA have been strained, however the money continues to flow from the USA to Pakistan. Thank you spineless Democrats and Republicans.

Due to this strain relationship the Pakistanis eager to embrace the Commies in China. This is a relationship where both sides deserve one-another. The Commies in China claim the Uyghur’s (Uighurs) in Xinjiang region are engaged in terrorism and are trained in camps located inside Pakistan. China is giving Pakistan millions of dollars as a result of agreeing to eliminate those camps within their borders. Does China think they are going to get their money’s worth while Pakistan currently host well over forty terrorist groups?

Remember the Uyghur’s are Muslim, and the Pakistanis are Muslim. The Commies expect a Muslim nation to suppress Muslims in their nation?

The best way for the commies to eliminate the so-called Uyghur terrorist problem is for China’s commies to lift their oppressive thumb off the Uyghur’s. Allow the Uighurs to speak their language, practice their religion, and grow their culture and the so-called terrorism will end without having to spend millions of dollars in a neighboring country.

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